Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Making a Heart

Dandelions in back of the school.

This is the heart shape we found.
Work in progress...
Lydia carefully constructing our piece.

Isabelle taking a picture.

The completed heart.


Every time I pick up a pencil, paintbrush, or even elements of nature, I know I can create something unique and incredible. I'm inspired by our environment and the great artists of today, even if they aren't that famous. It feels amazing to know that you can express your feelings with a piece of paper or canvas, simply making marks, that can come together and create something bigger. Others may not understand it, but you always can understand your own art. I'm motivated when other people comment on my work, it feels good to know you have something to offer to the world.

In this art class, we worked on nature art; using your surroundings to make on organic piece of art. I really loved the contrast between the yellow dandelions out in the back of the school and the white ones. Then there was this shape in the sidewalk that we passed by everyday. It always looked like a heart to me, and I wanted other people to see that too. All we needed was our hands, some dandelions, and a bit of time to construct something really neat.

We carefully collected the heads of yellow dandelions and lined the shape in the sidewalk. Then, we filled the inside with the fragile white dandelions. We even found a caterpillar and placed it inside, as our art was meant to react with nature.

Isabelle, Lydia and I also made another piece. I spotted a dry stream bed. I immediately thought of Andy Goldsworthy's work and wanted to make something inspired by rivers and tides. In the sand on the bottom, we traced a single line, like a curving wave. It was simple, but actually ended up looking pretty cool.

The next day it was gone, either from some kids or blown away by the wind. But we weren't that sad, time is one of the many tools of art.

I love how art can connect people, and there's so much freedom to create anything. Your imagination is the limit. Either sculpture, painting, or sketch, we all can have something in common. Art means a lot to me. You can communicate with others, make something neat to look at, and have an awesome time constructing each piece. There is no right or wrong in art, and you're free to go where ever your creativity takes you.